One of the BEST B*Days that I ever had !! :D

The last year was a very peculiar year, and my birthday was no different it was as special as the last year was. Let me introduce you in to it . . . The day before my B*day , was the final of the hockey series of that year and it was celebrated near the placer where I used to work. The local team lost agains a USA team.I know that this fact does not hurt anyone but what about the crazy fans ??? ok this special year these crazy fans where really out of order , lets face it not every year in Canada people go against the law an behave like that !! but this year as I told you it was special. So the crowd gone crazy after the game Since i was working at the time, I saw that craziness on TV I was not scare but . . . perplex about it, I never thought that i could be like that in that country but i was, as soon as my shift ended i went to the bus stop to see if the busses where running but they where not !!! so i walked to my flat that is also in downtown but the thing was that , my flat was very near the stadium. So I took no risk and I went behind a chinese crowd and i got save home. The next day the day of my B*day,I dressed in purple because I was my purple B day, and told everyone that , that was the theme for my B*day that year, Actually a few days before my B*day My boy they where purple and beautiful. So I took my regular way to school, and I realize that the society it actually is different before the riots people who had no interest in cleaning the streets with out any orders or force them to do it , they where doing it just because they know that the city belong to those who live in it all of us at that time, While I was walking I was listing to the songs that I used to love in that time of my live. I got to School like every other day in time.We have planed to go to eat breakfast to a DE DUTCH,-123.127236&spn=0.000353,0.000807&sll=49.257017,-123.127372&sspn=0.000703,0.001613&t=h&radius=0.04&hq=de+dutch&z=21&layer=c&cbll=49.257286,-123.127236&panoid=P76qLBLcBxVbnN85f46xJA&cbp=13,85.28,,0,16.2 So my group and my teacher went to have breakfast there, in a rental car drove by a crazy Iranian Driver (just kidding ) we took most of the class to the restaurant and them we went to pick up Carooool (spoke in my very poor portuguese LOL ) and I had a very nice breakfast :D happy moments with my lovely freaks :D So we went back to school, and took our so called regular class, that evening I had a very nice conversation, those kinds of conversations that you have when everything makes sense and new ideas of life change the way you think, and I went home, and call Carol and We drank some beers at my flat , watch some videos and talk to my roomie and watch even more videos they where very funny videos and thats when we became fans of Russel Peters that was a very fun and special day for me.

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