Waking up

So guys, the last few weeks, you might not know about politics or Mexican Politics, that is a little bit weird and dark if I could say that as a Mexican. As I told you last year, this year was going to be not an easy year because everything that has been happening for the last decade since the PAN ( a party that started to govern since 2000 with Vicente Fox)started to govern my country. Since the PAN took away the power from the party that was ruling my country for the last 71 years ( PRI ) my country has been a constant fight for power in the political society. This so-called war has been affecting no other but the poor people and the medium class society, as it sounds it has been changing the way young people think. The access to information especially in the medium class has been improving for a while and this access has developed certain criteria among those who are interested and also those who just want to make fun of our politics, in this case, our candidates. So this year the race towards the presidential seat it has been quite fun if you see it from the point of view of the social digital media and the way we make fun of the stuff that the regular media says and the way our candidates talk and try at least to express themselves. This social media interaction is not just fun and creates a ridiculous image of them or the party that they represent, this funny interaction has created a great awareness. I don´t know if you remember that My teacher in Canada told us that every time he tried to talk about politics with Mexicans they refuse or they avoid the subject. One of the reasons is that in Mexico for a long time the political topic was only about the bad things the government made them or how in Mexico the information about this kind of underwater stuff was very dark and the media contribute to polarizing all the dirty stuff about the politicians. But now FINALLY honestly I thought we will do it before, but finally, the young society, the future of Mexico is waking up, is acting for their right for what they want, and I cannot blame those who tried before. There is a historical fact that you might not know, in October 1968, a manifestation of university students of the Autonomous University of Mexico know as UNAM, end up in tragically, cause with militaries and police officers they tried to quiet the voices of those students and they kill more than 100 students. The worse part was that the news did not cover this news not the local or the national o the international news because a few days later the Olympic games were celebrated here in Mexico. So I guess that's why they tried to stay quiet for a while but now that we are all connected somehow, I guess it will be harder to try to hide from international a local eyes if the decision to do the same thing. Now that the powerful chains of media in Mexico Televisa and TV Azteca had been supporting no other than the candidate of PRI ( the party that rule over 71 years) the students of more than one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico had spotted more than one FAIL in their candidate, and moreover, the average of the people has spotted that too. So The last weeks there has been a great number of manifestations against the so-called CANDIDATE OF TELEVISA because we all think it is benign impose by the media. These movements are APARTIDISTAS ( without a party supporting them ) and they have gathered more that one candidate alone. So I proud of my people who are waking up and I am really happy to be alive when this movement this citizen all of us are fighting to change MEXICO

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