When I think about the International Women's day, is no a about congratulating my self for who I am, in fact is more about who wea are as a society and how we guard the achievements of those women that fight for or rights, and how lately some of us as woman we have been denigrating our selves in this society with out notice.

Our gender has been fighting for equal rights for a long time.In the modern western society, we have the same rights in paper in laws but what about what we do with them how far does it take us having the same rights and obligations.
How much the quality of our lives has been changing with this laws and rights ?

From the way I see it our society has change in the way that now woman are economically independent, we can get as far as we want to get in a company every where, we can do everything as well and sometimes even better than men.

But most of us are slaves, yeah. . . SLAVES the media has been manipulating our minds by creating a false image of HOW SHOULD WE LOOK, WHAT SHOULD WE BUY, and most importantly HOW WE SHOULD INTERACT in a society. Sometimes we let this pervasive ideas took over our minds, even though we are 100% aware of them, there's no excuse but we as humans need certain approval of society to have that sometimes incoherent sense of belonging.

And today this day that has been celebrated since 1914,I propose that instead of saying a mere CONGRATULATIONS we dedicate ourselves to make each day count, make a change every day to make our gender to be proud.

Instead of looking for and answer in a magazine to find that we are never going to get that body , analyze what is healthy and what is obsession and slavery from that mindless mirror.

Instead of buying a trendy outfit buy something that you like or even better get a local tailor to make it for you just the way you like it with out pleasing some other desires that are not yours.

Instead of getting along with people that you don't even like the way they think about you gender or about the way the would like to interact in this society, get along with people how has the same type or ideas as yours in that way you will grow those ideas that you have and make a change for god.

Instead of dancing in a way that you denigrate yourselves causing that men look you only as a sexual object, dance the way you like it even if it seems ridiculous.

Cause people who likes you for you won't care if you are weird, ridiculous or odd , and people who care about that the are not important at all.



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