From the OhOh Moment to the OhOh Fuck Moment

A long time ago, very long like 30 years or so ago,  I started writing about the OhOh moment, cause that was when I began to have those.
For all of you (as if I have 3 readers) that does not know what an OhOh moment is, here it goes.
OhOh moment is a sudden moment of realization, in my case, it is the realization that I had a crush or like someone or assimilated a big thing in my life.

Lately, I have been going through my old writings and journals, and since soon I'll be 40yo, I'm trying to have a broader view of who I am and what I used to believe and get to know my past self a little bit better.
So given that I have been retelling myself some "Tales from the Shame Corner My Mind" to try to see my past self, I'm pretty impressed with how I handle certain stuff like OhOh moments.

I tend to be a bit awkward but I guess that very large part of situations where I put myself in, well in this exercise I have chosen to call my BIG OhOh moments OhOh Fuck moments, cause they were so spontaneously shocking.

And now for the tale of one of those, I was like 28 years ago more or less,  I was invited to an event, and I was sitting across someone I knew very well, in this event I was wearing a dress, this is important cause I'm not the dress kind of gal, so I was very uncomfortable but as soon as I said hello to this person that sense of being uncomfortable went away and I had a bit kind of warmth I the higher part of the stomach, after that moment past , we dance together,  have never dance with someone before.
This OhOh moment hold a very special place, since it was al platonical and mu.

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