I think that no longer being a key or primary market niche is closely related to the complaints of Gen X, Xennials and Millennials who are perceived as "Ningun Chile nos embona" 

Because I believe it, here goes the mass advertising boom was in the 80s with the advent of television and the era of marketing persuasion coincidentally is the time when Gen X were already aware of the consumption of it marketing and that the Xennials were conditioned (Educated) by the media for future consumption and the Millennials lined up to be able to start from 0 to have as nannies (nannies) the then innocent television full of ads in each court, therefore these 3 generations we are used to not say conditioned to believe that advertising and the media should reflect our tastes and our buying style and not that of new generations like the Centenials with their caricatures and their music (Reggaeton to give an example).

We grew up so surrounded by confirmatory biases that when presented with a new way of making things look, hear, dance, or see in new ways, many of us say that our times were better.

This fact not only happens in these 3 generations, this has always happened, the difference is that now we can express it with loudspeakers (on networks, Twitter, FB, TIKTOK, etc.) and it is more widely seen around the world because it has more reach.

During my studies in marketing just before the time of the change from classic marketing to marketing through Social Networks, that is, before 2007, in a class we saw a topic about market niches, a very easy way to explain it from the teacher on duty was the Next:

It has not happened to you that you see an ad and you are not clear about the entire message of the ad or you do not like it for one reason or another, the good thing is that this ad was not for you, you were not the NICHE market for this ad.

This phrase made it clear to me that it was a niche and I keep it very much in mind when I receive an ad, a song or even an image within the media. I tell myself I'm not the niche for this. 

But since I also belong to the Xennial generation, I also hope that everything is about my lifestyle or what I need or that it fills my cognitive biases but it is not like that now every day I come across more because if I analyze it I know that I will stop marketing I am already from a generation that is already conditioned to consumption and they don't have as much need to present me with things for me to buy, and for this reason the messages are no longer for me. 

I know that I understand this because of the marketing background and things that I have learned from the capital, but I also know that there are people who do not understand it and believe that what they are trying to do is change them without knowing that the message is not even for their niche. for another niche that come with other ideas and other ways of expressing themselves different from mine. 

With this I do not want to justify everything that is conditioned by means to feed the capital machine, if I do not understand why it is done but the reactions that the non-Niche generations of these markets have also feed it in an unsuspected way since with these They also generate consumer content in push to also encourage consumption.

One thing that makes me laugh about this is that in the end, the people of these Generations, myself included, believe that everything should be for us and when it is not, we complain all the way because it does not fit what we expected and I think that it's because simply as "the acient one" says to Dr Strage  " It 's  Not  About  You ". ( It is not about you)

I think that it is really one of the simplest and clearest lessons that we must learn in this and that we can extrapolate to many other topics. 

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