Bulling and Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Part 1

 Today I was watching Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix, as you might know, or not I like all about the Wizard world,  but this time I had a different perspective about it I have related many of the Ideas that the Book and the Movie have about Bulling.

 I really don't know how to organize these ideas so I'll try to do it scene by scene, where I find some significance to this topic.


The starting scene is a give away of the trama of all the movie since the bulling is very obvious and also the way harry handles being bullying by confronting his cousin, and then we find that when you confront you bullied the bully becomes vulnerable.

the way harry points out that is to easy to bully a minor when you have a crown supporting the bulling is amazing given that he is right about it, the bully has a support network of people that follows him, and that gives the bully strength, and then harry defeats his bully that is a reason to make him stronger than his bully cause he can overcome the bullying and grow from it.


The attached where he defended his cousin is also a certain kind of bully that Harry receives from the authority, in this case, the ministry of magic that bully him during the course of the movie. 


At the ministry, Harry gest bullied by the authority of the people judging him at court,  he gets help with them by Dumbledore,  that at the time he said his name he stops just before he said  Brian as if he was bullied from it before. 


after harry gets out of train Harry gets bullied by Mafloy he gets in his nerves and tries to act on it. 


Then we meet luna that apparently he gets bullied a lot, given that even Hemione  when she introduces her to the Ron Nevile and Harry slips out her nickname instead of her name


Luna explains that he carries an amulet to keep away the nargles this amulet was given to her by her father to believe that nargles are the ones that hide her stuff, the truth is that she has been bullied because she is different. 


Harry gets confronted by Seamus because the media in this case the Daily prophet makes believes about him and he feels affected by those media ideas, he gets defended by Ron.


There's a scene when Harry meets Luna in the woods, She has no Shoes cause " nargles"  hide them from her,  at this point I think She learned to cope with bullies cause,  she is petting the Trestrals,  she tells harry that people avoid the cause they are different, this is directly related to her and the feeling of being bullied. 

she also tells Harry that having the feeling of being alone is a key point of those who bullied you,  cause if you feel lonely is only you that they are against. 


Then we see a compilation of scenes of Dolores Umbridge bulling other professors, about their looks and or professions to the point where she tries to kick out one of the teachers.

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