My realizations of the movie Kate and Leopold

Its never too late to realize that what you think you need its actually a matter of the and i bring this topic again. . . need and desires , because I´m a Marketeer by heart . . .a mere desire. Well in this movie ,at the time Kate is giving her speech she said something that I consider quite important: But... but what if someone came along who knew We here at CRG have always considered ourselves to be in the "Find what people want" business and at Jansen, you guys are in the "Make what people want" business. So, imagine what we can do together. We'll be able to find out exactly what people want and make it... for them. So... yeah, so our customers... will be able to get exactly... Uh... ...what they... ...they want. And, uh...'s a great thing to... to get what you want. Uh, it's a really good thing. Unless what you thought you wanted wasn't really what you wanted because what you really... ...wanted you couldn't imagine, or you didn't think it was possible. exactly what you wanted without asking? They just knew. Like they could... hear your heart beating or listen to your thoughts. And what if they were sure of themselves and they didn't have to take a poll and they loved you... and you hesitated? So, what if that what women , us , want . . . someone that gives you what you really need , not want and give it to us , with out hesitation or without asking for it. Would we hesitated because out preconceptions tell us that, this situation can be real ? would we ??? or we should believe
and take a leap of faith . . .

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