Sense of belonging

For a long time, before I went to my abroad adventure, I used to think I had friends, that I could be myself in this hypocrite superficial society that is the town where I used to live, the town where I live now. But not long ago I realize that being a friend is not even in the same ballpark as having a friend. . . Sad but true, being a friend, is what I used to do in a very special way to every single one of the people that I recognize as my friend at that time !!!, but were they, my friends at all? Where were the times that I needed a " friend" to talk, a shoulder to cry ??? or a smile to share !!!! where? Now since that moment when I realize that I been collecting my own moments my own stuff and some people who where used to have every single thing from me . . . they are gone out of my life for good. Maybe now there would be people who do not like the way I am now, but the people who stay, that the people who matter the most

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