Today, was a really nice day, first I went to work , then i decided to take a nice cup of coffe at a new place I end up in a nice cofee shop at a hotel near the canada place.
Then I went to the olimpic tortch just to take some pictures.
As soon as i got there i discovered that there was this Festival from india with a little show.
Then I saw BOLLYWOOD under the stars . . . 3 hours and 10 songs later the movie finally ended with everyone dancing and singing LOL
Then i went to my buss stop in front of the cathedral and when i was waiting for the bus i heard a realyl nice sound coming from the cathedral so i went closer there was this man in the stairs playing with his violin a vivaldi piece.

Then i when i was going back to the buss stop i saw and AD that said:
"A relationship that's not only building for you , It's growing with you , there's no other way but up "

Maybe is a sign . . . but ill figured out later for now . . .


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