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Sometimes when people ask me about wHO I admire, relating to history I used to have no answer but now I do. Is not only because shes in every 200 pesos bill, is because her story and her knowledge are fascinating. Arraignment Of The Men Males perverse schooled to condemn Women by your witless laws, Though forsooth you are the prime cause Of that which you blame in them: If with unexampled care You solicit their disdain, Will your fair words ease their pain, When you ruthlessly set the snare? Their resistance you impugn, Then maintain with gravity That it was mere levity Made you dare to importune. What more elevating sight Than of man with logic crass, Who with hot breath fogs the glass, Then laments it is not bright! Scorn and favor, favor, scorn, What you will, result in the same, Treat you ill, and earn your blame, Love you well, be left forlorn. Scant regard will she possess Who with caution wends her way,— Is held thankless for her “nay,” And as wanton for her “yes.” What must be the rare caprice Of the quarry you engage: If she flees, she wakes your rage, If she yields, her charms surcease. Who shall bear the heavier blame, When remorse the twain enthralls, She, who for the asking, falls, He who, asking, brings to shame? Whose guilt, where to begin, Though both yield to passion's sway, She who weakly sins for pay, He who, strong, yet pays for Sin? Then why stare ye, if we prove That the guilt lies at your gate? Either loves those you create, Or create those you can love. To solicitation truce,— Then, sire, with some show of right You may mock the hapless plight Or the creatures of your use! I'll leave you with the link to her biography: JUANA DE ASBAJE.

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