I Love SALES I can not deny that I love the way the MKT people handle to make people believe that they are buying for less than the regular price.
I not only about manipulating people to buy like a desperate, id the way the do it.
Well today, I was thinking about SALES.
Whats a SALE?
According to Merriam Webster, a SALE is:

SALE noun \ˈsāl\

1: the act of selling; specifically: the transfer of ownership of and title to property from one person to another for a price
2a: opportunity of selling or being sold: demand

But about SALES in a matter of people, and I'm not talking bout slaves or so, The only thing that Im saying is that this way of manipulation of the stuff that we buy could be apply in the way that our lives has been developing these days.
What I'm saying is that sometimes we SALE ourselves to the wrong or the trendy ideas.
Should we think about the trends that we follow a little more?
If that true, what's your price, what triggers your trends ???

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