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What's the importance of wearing earrings ?

Well for me. . . When i was 2 months old my grandmother Ines die just a few seconds before she could make my ear holes for my first pair of earrings.As sad as it sounds this has been an unusual way to start my story with this fashionable and superficial accessory.

At that time there was just a coincidence but for my is quite bigger than just a simple matter of synchronize.

You see a few years later when i was between 8 - 10 years i felt that i wasn't in a place that i felt a simple and abstract felling of belonging.I was a little innocent girl that believe honestly that we all where the same, but immerse in a high class society ,even thought i was right, everything was against me.

But what does this situation has to be with earrings. . . you see one rainy day at morning i forgot my earrings , for me i wasn't a big o deal but for them it was as if i lost my hole essence, as I was naked that day.
For several years after that I have been very careful of wearing them every single day. As you se this weight has been terrible to carry around every single day of my life.
But today . . . specially these day i have been able to not ware them at all, and I FEEL FREE , i feel more MYSELF.



Muchas veces cuando la gente no habla de intoxicacion, lo primero que viene a la mente de todos es drogas.Cualquier tipo de drogas y en escencia la intoxicacion son drigas pero muchas veces no tomamos en cuenta, que las nuestro cuerpo produce, esas reacciones quimicas que el cerebro proboca ante una grna variedad de sucesos que nos acontecen.
Sucesos una vida entera alguien dijo alguna ves que nuestro estado humano se define algo asi "somos en escencia accidentes esperando a reaccionar"
Aunque por una parte conhincido con esta via de pensamiento tambien mi opinion puede variar bastnate, por que entonces le resta merito a las acciones que tomamos dia a dia no ?
Despues de todo nuestras deciciones estan de cierta forma manipuladas por nuestras adicciones a las reacciones quimicas probocadas por nuestro cerebro, sustancias como oxitocina o serotonina.
Sera que cada uno de nosotros siempre tenemos este tipo de adicciones ? sera que la nuestras adicciones dictan el curos de nuestras vidas, o sera tan solo que hay cosas sin las cuales nuestra exisstencia no tiene sentido desde nuestro punto de vista.

Colateral damage

When you are playing video games you never think about the collateral damage that you are creating , and I'm not taking about the damage to you mind or the damage to the video characters like this clear visual example:



When i was 10 years old I learn this word, i can not remember what took me to learn it but i did.
Since then i have been aware.
So Historically this is what i found about it just to set the tone for the next post.

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